Photo of the artist Disinter

When I Die (Dig Me NO Grave)


When I die celebrate my release into oblivion
when I die, dig me no grave
Take hold my corpse and set me aflame
I am just a mortal vessel composed of flesh and bone
Death sets my energies free to forever roam

No longer trapped within this plane
No longer subdued by the boundaries of life
Freed from the confines of mortality
Now I shall witness the dawn of time
Unliving worlds of a new reality

When I die
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I hold my head up high and begin to laugh
Total metal raging with my fists in the air
Drawn to your power dreaming throughout this darkened lair

I have watched the skies turn red
And I hold
The power of evade even death
Standing lone
No watch the dawn of the burning moon
And my love
Belongs to the eternal night of the universe

I am free!
Raise my altar high, reaching toward the sky
Burn my corpse to ash for my spirit never dies
I am free!
When I die!

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