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Pink toenails
Why don't I have time to paint pink toenails?
Iv'e got my pink foam curlers in my ponytail
My girlfriends have time for their pink toenails

Come nightfall
You'll be waltzing through my door when you hear me call
And I love the way you say I'm your baby doll
And you'll find me sittin' there in my pink toenails

Iv'e got my walkman and my cosmo
And my ticket to ride
All I need's my box of chocolates and you here by my side

Woah pink toenails
Why don't I have time to paint pink toenails?
Iv'e got my pink foam curlers in my ponytail
And my girlfriends have time for there pink toenails

You think your man don't care about perfume and powder
Polish and lipstick and lotion (lotion)
But when you slip your slippers on
And you rub him on the chin
When he looks down your leg
You're sure to see him grin at your pink toenails

He says honey come on over here
And give me somethin' sweet
Let me put my finishing touches on
'Cause I don't wanna' cuddle, snuggle, rub him on the feet
Till I have painted every little toenail pink

Ooooh wrestle with me
You can mess up my hair
You can treat me like a tomboy
I love it I swear

Ooooh toenails
Why don't I have time to paint my toenails?
Iv'e been drinking my whiskey from a holy rail
Holy rail
And we'll go to Disney Land and ride the monorail
And if you're sweet I'll be your nightengale
Until the extinction of the spermwhale
And live happily ever after just like Roy and Dale
Roy and Dale

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