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I'm no fool, respectability
Is number one on my priorities
No cheating man can get my sympathy
Should've known better tan to put on me

Now when you pass my by
Should hold your head in shame
'Cos you know inside,
been there through thick and thin
What goes around comes back around again
It's too late to try to make amends

You keep on sending me roses
But I just don't call
Why do you keep sending me flowers
When there's no chance at all
You know you don't deserve a second try
Roses don't always make it right

You thought you had me down
But I'm too much secure
Thought you could play around
What kind of fool do you take me for?
I'm the kind of girl who always leaves you wanting more
It's a shame if that's too much of a chore

I used to love those things you do
Diggin' on it cause it come from the heart
But then you lied a little
Cheat and messed around a little
And now they tell me that you're falling apart

Roses don't always make it right

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