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When Everything Is Gone

Do (Dominique Van Hulst)

When everything you have is lost and gone
And every tear has fallen down
When everything you thought was right is wrong
I'll remain the same

Don't turn away
Don't hide your pain
The hurt in you is killing me

Baby, we're unbreakable, unstoppable
Nothing can take us down
Babe, we're unconditional, inseparable
It's too late to turn around
And baby you can count on me, eternally
I'm as solid as a stone
When everything is gone

When the world is crushing down on you
Meet me in the silence, I'll see you trough
No need to feel alone, you won't get lost
Cause I'll be there beside you
No matter what the cost

I promise you
You have my word
We're in this together, for as far as I'm concerned

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