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Why was I so naive
Every day I fought a losing battle
Like getting blood from stone
Tell me why I always end up
Flying round in circles
Oh man I should've known
He went unnoticed as he crept back late to bed
And I thougt I was going crazy
That it was all just in my head

That boy from across the street
He used to bring me down
With the soles of his feet
He's got me running around
Like a merry-go-round
And I'm lonely, lonely, lonely
That boy had me under a spell
He had me on a string but I could never tell
He's got me running around, feeling so down
Yes I'm lonely , lonely, lonely

Every day he told me
I can't believe that you don't even trust me
So there I was thinking it must be me
Every day he'd point a finger at me
Oh man I couldn't believe
All of the tricks that he had pulled
From out of his sleeve
And its clear that he bewitched me
When he made a fool out of me

His magic's taking over me
He's got me under a spell
Now I can't break free from his cruelty

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