Photo of the artist Dominia

Mountains Of God's Depression


The beggarly old man was sick and infirm
He was standing alone on the road
Miserable angel was visiting him
Someone was crucified the day before

They were talking for a long time
And in tears they were walking to the sky
And the holy son who brings no crime
Came down carefully in the night

He said then: he will return
But now he must fly into the sky
At last He said, they were listening taciturn
Everybody will be saved by the light

The son came back soon and was glad
He had come but his father was sad
The chosen people offended his child
The Great Creator was silent.

And the angels were crying in scare
In embrace of depressive smell
Mighty father was thinking in care
And devil was loathing in hell

Mountains of God's Depression rising up from the Earth
Master of Passion is prepared for his birth.
Mountains of God's Depression rising into Heavens

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