Burning fire in my mind
Dirty faces, Devil's spaces
See the story of my glory
I die slowly in this story

My time to rule has come
To enslave everyone
I am the greatest man
I sacrificed the Lamb
The Lamb who was my friend
I throw Him to His End
You know my God is King
I pray for you, for Him

My unforgettable dreams
Have revived the majestic wishes
I wanted to save the World
To save the doomed

I killed Evil, No more fear
My God with me, you may see this
I touch His lips and get a bad trip
Satan saw this. Am I lawless?

My thoughts live with the worms
They live in tomb-stone cold
My empty fallen soul
I made my name fall
And now my brain is dead
It's buried in my head
My reasons rot in bloom
I wait for my lonely Doom

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