Hello my dear beloved Olga
Allow me to introduce myself
'Cause I can wait no longer
Before I will destroy my health

I'm writing you right now my dear
To show how much I really care
You don't know me but I'm so near
My thoughts are flying in the air

You are most beautiful, I know
You are the aim of many lives
One thing I absolutely know is "No!"
Your answer to my offer: Will you be my wife?

Some say: You never talk to her!
Why don't you try to show her all your love?
But I will write to you before
I'll cut my veins with this old knife

There is no sense without your face
Before my eyes, Without your lips
Which kiss my neck in a sweet embrace
Brings tender shivers down my limbs

Just me and you, imagine that
I'll never get it all for real
And people, what're you staring at?
Just let me throw myself under the wheels

And all I feel is emptiness
Which kills my heart, and so it hurts
It's you, my secret killer and my stress
Because you rule my strengthless thoughts

And all I know I always knew
With someone else, for some kind of reason
The angel was so close to you
But you have chosen demon

You'll never know my lips and hands
They were for you, it's not a game
No hope! My life does not have sense
I see no light, I feel no shame

Before I leave I want to say
I love you, And I will before I die
And if that is the only way
I will tonight, my love, Goodbye

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