Dead Sunshine For a Better World


What are we doing for our own benefit?
What is the planet we want to stand over the years?
These and more questions maybe won't have answers
If we can do nothing to stop the ruin in progress

The trigger was set in motion
The bullet already goes on to hit the human head
Salvation is only for the dead
You pray for us, the sinners, up to now and in the hour of death

Boiling planet in the furnace of hatred, our hatred
Let's do the kingdom of God, the land of living dead

We're all unbelievers and tired
No more believers in future ways, watching the last hero fail
With promises of better days, you wrote the certain fate
In book of the line pies, they'll pray for us with hate and wait until we die

Dead sunshine for a better world, last light switches off for us
Dead sunshine for a better world, our hope has lost in dark
Dead sunshine for a better world in a dead sunshine

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