Cry Your Dead Way


Do not ask despair your disgrace
You see the trees of anger
So you must harvest it
You are so eminent, but in fact so fragile
Maybe you take care next time
When provoking
Do not ask me think about
Dilacerated bodies
Time's up to bury the ones
That wandered my land

Try hate turned me stronger now
My force is only to see you fall
Your godness surprises even God
Your cruelty does jealousy in Hell

Count the bodies found
But cry you dead away!

No destruction you provide
Will bring peace
Your fate is to die with rotten
Flags burning you
In your burial will not be widows
Just lawyers and demons
To make you share
Do not ask me
To despair your disgrace
You seed the tree of anger
So you must harvest it

Thy hate is only jealousy in Hell
My force turned me even God

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