I've chosen the dark. I've chosen the night
I've lost hope of loving a day of life
The shades of night belong to me
I am at one with hell

Dead inside, I watch the time pass
I await the coming of my death

My journeys are always within me
There where is found the bottomless pit
Where, there in I plunge

Always a little deeper
There, in that other world
Where only unity is harmony

Sheltered from the regard and the rules of men
Their color is absent. Light is black

Enemies of the Sun, the phantoms of the shadows
Have taught me to delight in horror
Faces without eyes, and silent lips
Float in the immensity of empty space

A sweet melancholy fills my heart life as a whole seems absurd
Silence is so pure, so profound that it intoxicates
The emptiness, annihilates all
And nothingness takes it place

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