Xiii Chapter (nothing Stops The Killing)


Burn the symbol of all trust.
There's no more time for anything we believe.
The nails are corrupted by the rust.
The center of the universe stinks oil and bleeds.
The main light that shines
Is the open fire against you.

Oceans boiling and turn to black.
Scream of siren is premonition of the attack.
Have no problem… War is nice!!!
We are the fuel and we are the fire that sacrifices…

Time will purify sin after sin.
One by one, the temples will fall.
Blood will flow the river of pain.
It won't free you. It can't save the lamb.

Nothing stops the killing!!!
If God is there, make something to stop the killing!!!

God can't stand here or there.
He is very coward for that.
By now, he must be hiding…
Must be hiding behind a Bush!

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