Don't stop!
Everybody here feels just the same
Don't stop!
Turn to me and see it in my face
And I'll take you to a better place

Sing it
Every time you feel you dance in vain
It works!
Ask me
And I'll ask you back once more again
And you begin to hear the choir sing

Send your body and your soul
Send it on to me
Send your body through

Feeling it gives you a freaky style
So cool
Living it on frequent flyer miles
And your heart ‘s so high it starts to fly

Try this!
If you feel you've got nothing to loose
You choose
Time is
Stretching in the way you want it to
And in a day or two you chase the blue

Everybody wants it
Everybody feels it, we're the same
Let tonight be magic
Let me be the one to light your flame

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