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Bass Line Feat. Tiki Taane

Dub FX

Fill up the room with a white light from your soul shine
Step on the rhythm yes I know we’re gonna feel fine
Pick up the pace with the nights deep and heavy bass line
Synchronise the drums with your waistline
Oh you know we gonna give it slow
Let the drum make you move and dance with the flow
Shake your whole body from your head to your toe
Jump up to the sky when the bass drops low, hey!
And I get down like this when the dj gets self-righteous
And I know you like this when the delay comes and it takes you away
And I know your brightness vibrates to the sound in likeness
Ha! Yes we gonna light this fire burning high away
Bring it down, bring it down one time
Rude boy and selector gonna make you feel fine
Conichi-wa-gwan is the call for your rhyme
Convoy in effect with a musical crime
Me is a slave to the bass line
Slave to the bass line
Fill up ya room with a bass line from your speaker
Turn up your microphone and call upon your neighbours
Rude boys with the punk rockers and them ravers
Everybody is welcome bass line saviour
We got to make sure that respect is given
For the power of the bass line & rhythm
And those who don’t know they can be forgiven
For they do not know what’s about to hit them
Boom! Yes dub fx and tiki shake foundations
Boom! With the music that can move all our nations
Boom! They try to shut us down and change the stations
Boom! But they can never stop the vibrations
We take it from the studio to the dance halls
You can hear it on the street and at the festivals
They play it loud and my yard rock the whole world
Big up them rude boys and big up them rude girls
Be a slave to the baseline

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