Moving on grooving on spreading the word
Thinking about the greater good and not the absurd
I’m talking about real subjects taking you deep
Waking up every single sheep who's still asleep
I’m not interested in making more money then I need
I just want to give back what I take, plant a seed

Deep into the earth like a mother giving birth
Free like a bird upon a wave as I surf
Through my conciseness as I rock to this
Swaying back and forth blowing your mind a kiss
It’s a real raw ready recipe of love
Blowing up through your chakras taking you up above
To the sky, no limits that’s all in your mind
Dig deep into your energy and you will find

That it’s a place full of bass where your soul can rest
You know I'm not lying you can feel it in your chest
Just take a deep breath and relax,
Take a minute to think about all of the facts
Stop thinking about what your eyes tell you to see
Look inside your third eye and let your mind be free
Meditate on the thoughts and the queries you got

Will be answered at the right time and thicken the plot
To the life you are leading,
The blood you are bleeding
The games you are cheating will come to a stop with a pop
Did you feel the beat stop
When the time comes get ready to drop
Into another dimension a soul extension
A dmt trip of your minds invention

Twisting and turning through a hurricane
Into a deeper understanding of your conscious plane
And if you disagree with what you hear in my song
Well then I dare you to prove me wrong
I dare you to prove me wrong
I'm looking outside of a car window, I see a pale rainbow
I’m in a foreign land, air-conditioning my airflow
I want to give these people or the system a nudge
But there’s to much history for one man to judge

My thoughts and my actions contradict my lyrics
Sometimes I wonder if my whole act is a gimmick
When it comes to the truth I'm like a free lancer
I keep searching for the questions man screw the answer
It’s all about the journey and not the destination
So I keep walking avoiding commercialization
But sometimes it seems too easy to catch a plane
Or a one way rocket to endless money and fame

I keep reminding my self its all a con
An endless cycle spinning out of control for some
And at the end of the day, we're all to blame
Trying to be rock super stars with money and fame
Buying all the new gadgets no questions needed
But if we new the truth to how the earth is being treated
We’d be giving it all up and trying not to pollute
Just do a little research you'll find the truth

Like the corn industry the crops on the attack
Stripping life from the earth and not giving back
Ever mutating and growing up with out seeds
They couldn't give a fuck if the whole world bleeds
And I see why so many peeps aint got no queries
It seems like dr. Evil conspiracy theories

But the news has its views over what it’s supporting
I read between the lines and what it’s not reporting
They lie about anything to gain our trust
Their not testing on animals they're testing on us
And if you disagree with what you hear in my song
Then I dare you to prove me wrong
I dare you to prove me wrong

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