Joined at the soul
With a pair of headphones
We need nobody to let ourselves go
Always at my side
As we rocking the stage show
In an ocean of music, we move with the flow

Hand in my hand, I don't wanna let go
A partner in life on this mean old road
We got the wind on our backs that blow,
We can't drift apart we just move with the flow...

It started with a chat with the lips,
But why is it so im intrigued?
Douse my heart understand do its feelings exist,
Fit in with all my beliefs,
Im not as strong as ide like to believe,
An impulse I can not control,
My feelings are something I thought I could leave,
To keep and come back as a whole

Its inevitable and understandable that my body feels this way,
I feel no inhibitions yet the contradictions of my feelings lead me astray,
Well I understand that I cannot deny my,
Human instinct that lies inside...

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