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Noise For Your Eyes


It's time for all the people to just set your eyes on high
The sound that we?ve been bringing has never ever been lo-fi
If you see us coming, boy, just reach up for the sky
Reach up for the sky
Do you like to hear the drums ?cause if you do then here it comes
We got the beat to bang your brains to last from here to kingdom come
If your world should ever crumble then don't worry about the crumbs
Just ask your pops and mom if the suit can give you some
Of that type of music makes you feel your troubles disappear
One minute you're in the mud, the next minute you're clear
I'm gonna play you a song with my orchestra
Yeah, I hope the one we've done is alright 'cause if it is you'll sight
The noise for your eyes, we're coming untied
Noise for your eyes, untied
We bring the noise for your eyes, untied
If you give us the right to lift you up

You get your sense overtaken from that love that's unforsaken
That's how we're making noise for your eyes
Elinate the faking; plastic people start breaking
That's how we're making noise for your eyes

It's that ooh ahh bizarre Earthsuit repertoire
What you see is what you get and what you get is fairly raw
For all you people sick of blah blah?say
Mr. Big Stuff, who you think you are?
Here's your alternative option, come take a taste
Get lost in the continuum of sub-harmonic space
By the time you find your way, you've already been laced
With the water from the well that's never dry; rested case
Of that noise operator; Mr. Generator
Visuals are sonically a higher innovator
For the songs that we write, we search for sound and for sight
We'll save the talk for later and be the illustrator
That's called the noise for your eyes, coming untied
Noise for your eyes, y'all I'm coming untied
Noise for your eyes, untied
You give us the right to lift you up

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