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Bloodshot Fanatical


Living on no sleep, shell shocked, this love has got me grid-locked
Look into my eyes, I'm running straight bloodshot
Devoted patriot, I've been up all night long
Some may find it somewhat wrong but now what else you got
Should I lay my head to rest waiting for another day?
Should I stop to smell the roses like the wise men say?
This drive inside of me is killing me and I deserve it
I feel myself fading and I'm still convinced it's worth it

I'm running it bloodshot fanatical
Can't take time for sabbatical
Won't make this mathematical
I'm running straight bloodshot

(Every day and every night, I'm running bloodshot fanatical
All I know is running like bloodshot fanatical)

Yes, you best believe it's mandatory for the test
I?m making all my time invest
And won't be settling for less
You won't catching me off guard; I'm playing that die-hard
Even if it's making no sense
Time stand still I know that next hour's creeping
I'm at it always never stopping, never sleeping
Finally, yes, I've found something I can give my life to
Don't think I could ever stop even if I'd like to

No sleep, shell shocked
All space grid locked
But I'll give what I've got
I'm running straight bloodshot

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