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Fearless Torch


Whoever sets the drama
I'll kick scripts I flip
Add some trauma to your pack then
I ain't actin'
I score a fat ten
Back when I'm on the spot
The verse came cerebal
Walkin' through the valleys and I fear no evil
Cuz I'm a fearless torch goin' off
I heard you cough from the cumbustion of my skenchy flesh
Ask yourself this, who can make the sun rise?
The Son of Man can, and he will like Rick Cua
With wonders he will lure
Pursue you from the sewer of the trap
As I attack with the Scriptures
My sound Red October
I find a lyrical chaeuffer
That stands out, and yet the handout is not over

Now that I'm flaming let me burn
Now that I'm flaming let me burn
LET ME BURN! (You got ta, you got ta)

Now I wonder what's the way
To wonderland now who's the man
I run to God I'll understand
And alleluia as I come with the
Underground mix
Holy Ghost fix
Long live the kicks when you hear the clicks
66 kinds of chambers
Loaded with holy tripped lead
Double-barrel aimed with infrared
But I'm a soldier so I'm blasting out hard
Gripping, capping, for the will of God
Sheeps in wolves' clothing with no regret
So what you see is what you get
No religion for your intellect

Now, now that I'm flaming, let me burn
God lit my fire, now it's my turn
Satan's been stompin' on me too long
Now it's time for me to get it on!

LET ME BURN! (You got ta)
LET ME BURN! (You got ta, you got ta)
LET ME BURN! (You got ta)

Let me burn
I'm a fearless torch
I'm burning
Now that I'm flaming
Keep me burnin' (etc.)
Now that I'm flaming, let me burn

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