Retinas burn, as my eyes raise towards the dying star.
half devoured sky bleeds red, the death of a star begun.
Billion times five, inner orbits set to solar flame.
one with the star they die, melt to core, no remains.
Oceans boil, steam rises, molten cracks reveal the boiling lava, =
Rising, in turmoil.
Lifeless, planet barren, earth's last dying vapors, atmosphere =
Ignited, radiation burns away.
A planet to breath, the earth gave shelter.
the gift of the curse of life.
over evolved mind, consciousness raped.
after four billion years, earth shaped, molded, contorted man.
to become a scar, a black page in the planet's history.
did he self - destruct, turn inward on himself.
or tap the awesome power growing deep.
within the recess of his mind.
Cycle of fire commences, radiation of the sun ejected outward, last =
earth a corpse now lies fallen, life burnt back to carbon.
freed from man forever, gone or in flight through the void.
what will be...

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