Illusion imprinted at birth
Mind lock, feed the lie to the worm
Pre-sever growth
Polarize terror
Victim controlled out of fear

Weaken the dormant mind
How is your lie disguised
Behind what God does it hide
The lie do you hear

Illusion infesting with growth
Questioning mind frozen cold
Obedience grows
Victim controlled
Licensed bigot masses sold

Ranting of the hypnotized
Smother you free thinking mind
Question repressed one more time
Choke on the lie

Black and white fade to gray
How was I blinded and caged
Illusion to shatter and fade
Escape from the fools
Still one with the lie
Exit your thought-draining paradise

Awaken from coma of vision divine
Cold in free thought
But alive for first time
The lie is no more
Dull sunken eyes of cattle
Left behind still stare
Spew of words you call your Gods
Polute the public air
And from the other side
The lie seems pale and thin
The victims seek more prey
Next to convert
Next to believe
To pass the faith
Spread the disease
In ignorance
They battle to deceive

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Written by: Carl Fulli / Epidemic / Erik Moggridge. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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