Piece of progress, advanced control.
absolute perfection, locked down into total war.
Energy not prone to defect.
intelligent form of development.
the race to live now dormant.
Germinate the genocide, man's development demise.
dead shapeless bodies, decipher codes of lord war.
Knowledge became extreme source - energy.
black smoke rises from power plant.
unthinkable war stored in banks.
Whisper, arise, arise, defeat the mechanized.
gather all sick lives, fuel the source, the arise.
Who rules power, fight no life, full taste of machinery.
total arise, full arise, the extreme heart or power.
man's brilliance, man's demise, fully exercised in technology.
no flesh, no blood, mechanized fiend.
Decipher codes phase four.
locked down into total war.
race is the true lord war.

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