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Body Was Made

Ezra Furman

My body was made this particular way
There's really nothing any old patrician can say
You social police can just get out of my face
And my body was made

My body was made this particular way:
Recurrent desire never totally tamed
Honey I've tried and tried to explain it away
But my body was made

His body's a ship
With an impenetrable hull
His bedroom shelves lined up with animal skulls
It's making me feel an irresistible pull
His body was made

My body was made with this attribute too:
The need to become something totally new
Mysterious process that don't involve you
Body was made

Body was made so just fucking relax
Don't pile my plate
With historical facts
I want to go forward
Don't want to go back
And my body was made

Your body is yours
At the end of the day
And don't let the hateful
Try and take it away
We want to be free
Yeah, we go our own way
And my body was made, oh!

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