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Haunted Head

Ezra Furman

I'm up at six
I get a slice of bread
I cut a hole in it
I crack a little egg into a frying pan
And I try to get my mind turned off

I'm naked now
Because it doesn't really matter
When the shades are down
I was born this way
I'll die this way
I don't know how I'm ever gonna
Tell myself the truth

I live alone
A house without a heart
Is not a home
I think I may destroy the things I own
I'm going back
Way back to black and red
Inside my haunted head

I get the prayer shawl on
I wrap myself in something
That is way beyond anything
My mind can get its dirty fingers on
I'm going through the motions like a champ

I take these aimless drives
From two a.m. to four I live these
Secret lives, identities that all die off
Not one survives
By morning there's nobody at the wheel

I'm out in Lake Street now
I'm coming to a red light
But there's no one around
The law sits on my shoulder
And it weighs me down
It's talking in a language
Long since dead
Inside my haunted head

Gentlemen, I'm having too much fun
My arms around the toilet
Like a long-lost chum
I'm kneeling at the throne
I'm stricken deaf and dumb
I'm learning what it means to really pray

Tried to get cute with pain
I thought I could avoid it
Thought I knew the game
But just when you get the hang of
It the rules all change
And you're doing time
For crimes that don't exist

So I sit and wait
'Til I can finally see the sense it makes
I know this sick world's
Bound to be explained
So I'm hanging on if only by a
Thread inside my haunted head

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