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I'm Coming Clean

Ezra Furman

I've got secrets I don't know if I can tell you
I've got things to show that no one's ever seen
I've got habits that are hard to break
I swear each morning when I wake
Today's the day I'm coming clean

I can't stay this way, but I pray that nothing changes
Like I'm stuck between the gears of a broken machine
I'm on fire and I'm frozen stiff
Down to the wire, wondering if
Today's the day I'm coming clean

The world never goes back to the way that it was
That's just not something that the world does
I'm holdin' on when the spin gets strong
I'm got my knuckles tight and bloodless, I'm holdin' on

'Cause I've got dreams that might not come to any kind of fruition
I've got cracks in my facade that may fall between
I've got pictures in the dresser drawer
I whisper to the bedroom door
Today's the day I'm coming clean

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