I can see by that far away look in your eyes
You've got some secrets to tell
Makes me wonder Do you really know me so well?

First you tell me
You wanna be my everything
You couldn't prove that by me
When I'm alone
What am I supposed to believe?
Well try to understand

I know love-If you play with my emotions
Make me cry
That won't fly
Just forget that silly notion
But if you
Really wanna be my only
You know you're gonna have to show me

Something real
Something good
Baby, I know love

There's no mistaken
You think that love is just a game
Why must I be last in line?
You drive me crazy
Talk to me in riddles and rhymes
You think that I am doin' just fine
Stop wastin' all my time, baby


(Love) is no more than just a memory
I won't be hangin' on a string
Baby when I look into your eyes baby


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Written by: Douglas Carr / Tamara Champlin. Isn't this right? Let us know.