She don't understand what she's got
She don't realise she's got the lot
I've got my pride but in this circumstance
I'd step in her shoes given half the chance

So when you're tired of her not appreciating
There's a tender love right here waiting

If, I was your girl
All of my world would be in sunshine
If, I was your girl
I'd cherish the day
And I'd make you mine
If, I was your girl

Ooh, it would mean that much to me
If, I could be in your arms constantly
I would not let you down the way that she does
And it seems to me it's obvious
If it's a mutual love that you're contemplating
Just call my name, and I'll be waiting


They say love is blind, especially when you're in it
Step out into the light, If only for a minute
Say the word and let's begin it


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Written by: Andy Hill / John McLaughlin. Isn't this right? Let us know.