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It's Come To This


And I found my head uncrowned and all life's sweet nectar flowingdown
the cracks and seams wasted on some petty little prayers
And I
reached up for despair but I was well below that cherished stageand
my mangled hopes all song unsung
I fear I've wasted all my sun
I fear I've wasted all my time
Everything is faded
Smiles are fabricated now
I fear I've wasted all my sun
I fear I've wasted all my time
Held my eyes closed for too long
And I ran out through the streets in hopes that I might find itthere
but all my buildings stared back at me tenantless and bare
and I
reached up for the sky, but it always seemed so far awaytranscendent
thoughts you gave lie atrophied and broken
And I sat when I should have stood; swallowed when I should havespit
until now I only recognize me in pictures taken long ago
all the changes simply haunt and never go away
a friend will tell when I hit hell, I may not feel the change
Held my eyes closed for too long
Held my eyes closed for too long
Just before I go don't you offer any sweet advice because wherewere
your shoulders when I needed them so long ago
now with legs weak and weary from this silly dance
with a suitcase fulof memories, I pack my bags and slowly driftaway
Hold my breath, wish that I could find a place
To hideaway
Hideaway, take me now
I cannot face another round

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