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Delight in the Pain of the Damned

Golgothian Denial

You come awake at the end of time
In the light of bliss.
Angels fly in the sky above,
But there's something amiss.
But where, where have they gone?
The ones you loved?
They've been sent to the pit
By the god above.

Banished to Hell for the spoils of fate.
Pray to your god to repent all his hate.
Up to the temple with the sacrificial lamb.
Delight in the pain of the damned.

What's done, can't be undone.
Your unheard of prayer
Came to life with the tears of the saints
And passed into the air.
Down from his cloudy throne
Only silence is heard.
None escape his bitter judgment.
He ignores their words.

See the suffering damned ones.
Arms, legs, mutilated. Flesh wounds.
Eyes, ears, ripped and mangled.
Mouth full of the taste of human refuse.

"I need your pain.
I need your misery.
I need your pain.
I need your misery."

Great god of an insect world.
I spit upon thy face.

So Heaven becomes a Hell
For those who choose,
Choose to love more than themselves.
To god they refuse.

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