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The Golgothian Denial

Golgothian Denial

(With your) thoughts transfixed and your mind locked in
You plot the end of a life.
You seek the guidance of the Glowing One
To end the strain of this strife.
You flip through the pages of the Holy Book
A vague substitute for thought.
You pour through the words and the parables
To find the inexcusable 'Ought.'
To commit in thought
Is to commit in the flesh.
To escape this pure contradiction
Is to be more enmeshed.
Look to the one on Golgotha.
He betrayed the human race.
To save us before the Satan
He stripped us of our former grace.
Twist the morality
Around on its fragile head.
Strip us of what is noble
To lead our lives as the dead.
Soldier of Christ look in at yourself
A contradiction in creed.
To impose your will on an innocent
Is the most hateful-ringing of deeds.
You proclaim the love of your supreme lord
With the edge of a gleaming sword.
An evangelist with a fist to smite
Those who fail to be implored.
Now look to your lord,
Who claims a profusion of love.
Intolerance and hatred abound here.
They are the gifts from above.

"Take these stones
And make me bread.
Jump from this height
And show me you're god.
"This entire for you,
But you shall refuse...what else to do?
"They accept the martyrs
And the holy wars.
I have won here.
This race is mine.
"This entire world...was for you.
You have now refused...what shall they do?"
You sentence to Hell
Those who do not yet believe
In what you say now the truth is.
Reality you cannot conceive.

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