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Stormtroopers in the Legion of Darkness

Golgothian Denial

Walk with the cloven hoof,
And do the bastard deed.
Heaven shall soon be full,
So spread your wicked seed.
The time is now for spreading wrong
And to flay the innocent.
We live our lives for blasphemy.
On a throne of hate we sit.
Dwell in the shadows of a fading dawn.
And feast on the spoils of the weak.
Darkness feeds the wills of the strong.
Enjoin their wicked plight,
And scatter the meek.
Open the book of Hell
And see your name inscribed
In the blood of nine virgins
By the knife no more alive.
Fall into the hatred of
All the things that shine with light.
Slay them like the Evil One
In the shadows of the night.

"Thus saying, from her side the fatal Key,
Sad instrument of all our woe, she took;
And towards the Gate rouling her bestial train,
Forthwith the huge Porcullis high up drew,
Which but her self not all the STYGIAN powers
Could once have mov'd; then in the key-hole turns
Th' intricate wards, and every Bolt and Bar
Of massie Iron or sollid Rock with ease
Unfast'ns: on a sudden op'n flie
With impetuous recoile and jarring sound
Th' infernal dores, and on thir hinges great
Harsh Thunder, that the lowest bottom shook
Of EREBUS. She op'nd, but to shut
Excel'd her power; the Gates wide op'n stood,
That with extended wings a Bannerd Host"

Milton "Paradise Lost" Book II
Opening the gates of holocaust.
Flayed flesh and razors in your eyes.
Soon emerge the prince of darkness,
breathing flame and breeding lies.
Across the vast empyrean starfield
Rage the hordes of demon-led beasts
To destroy the angels of the flaming sword
And steal the souls for the goat-headed beast.
Your life is not worth living
Under the yoke of the shining one.
To sin divine enslavement
In the land of eternal sun.

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