I've got it covered down inside where no one ever sees.
Congest my Brother. In time the weight will smother me.
Take on another. Prolong the burden bestowed by me.
Bury the seed. Festering thorn; it will bleed.

Can God heal a blind man and make him see?
Or, is the blind a gift of self-proclaimed empathy?
I swore I'd vow to the right choice.
Exhausted words become familiar voice.
Consume your faith; feeding off the trust laid in my hands today.
Scratch upon your brow. Sweet, bitter taste pours from breaking skin.
Slap your face. Embrace and reach to forget.

Change remains unchanged! Complacent ways shed irony!
Thanks on the way, sent it yesterday! Sealed promise vain sheds irony!

How will I know if I can't stand and face the truth?
How will I know? If I walk blind, how can I see?
Brother, forgive me for I have sinned.
I am wrong to cause this shit. Signed, your 'Brother Shame'.

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