I trust the words you speak when I
am downBut yet the meaning of
them is not being heard out
loudAnother day goes byAnd
nothing ever changesAnother
morning promise fueled by midnight
rage soChorusCan you feel
me?My deception's for youIt
controls me I'm calling out to
youOnce you know meYou'll be
pulling me throughCan you hear
me?I'm calling out to youYou
talk to me and wish for something
to sink inYou say open your eyes
'cause man, you are so much more
than thisI wish I never
changedYou see, I had the
courageThe voice, the heart, the
will to say'Fuck it! This is not
for me' soChorusBut it
always hurts insideSo you can
never seeAnd it breaks meAnd
it brings me to my knees

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