Freedom, Your Soul


I've been staring at the walls 'cause I can't see and I don't
want you to wait for me.
I've been trying to make my way; I sometimes crawl, so I
don't need you to wait for me.
As days unfold, my burden grows.
And in my hands, I've tried to hold my freedom, my soul.
I've listened to what you've said, but I can't hear and I don't want
you to wait for me.
I've been trying to mend my thoughts, but I can't think so I don't
Need you to wait for me.
As nights turn cold, my shadow grows.
And in my head, I've tried to find my freedom, my soul.
You should listen to what you've said, but you can't hear. Are you
gonna wait for me?
And your freedom's in your hands, but you can't feel. So, who do you
think's gonna wait for you?
As days unfold your burden grows.
And in your hands, you try to hold my freedom, your soul.
This time I can't stay. Walk away, walk away.
I drift away. Your freedom's in your hands. You still bear those chains and you're bound to stay locked down.
You can't walk away, you've come face-to-face.
Can't let go of your crutch as you stumble to grab ahold.
In your weakness you fall, grip to feel familiar touch.
Reach to cling to secure; now you find that you're alone.
Breathe your trust, breathe your fear without my freedom, without
my soul.

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Written by: Hyde / Ludahl / Miller / Stilwell. Isn't this right? Let us know.