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10 Minute High

Groove Theory

She doesn't need it but she won't try
Try to release it
Cuz she thinks she'll die
Dependent on it, for it she'll lie
It's only a 10 minute high
That witnessed a father beat on a mother
Witnessed a system take away her only brother
No one ever said that they loved her
She used to shut her eyes and make the pain subside
But not she'g ot her

10 minute high
Just for a little while
She's queen of all the skies
If a hit is bad another one she can buy
Everybody tells her to stop
She would try
But nobody gave her a good reason why

Time has taken it's toll she looks too old for 17, the girl ismuch too bold
Her heart is cold when it used to be of gold
Her future has no chance to unfold
She's used her body to get her way
Is she ashamed of the games she's played
But her best defense is to block out all the pain
But first she buys her...

10 minute high
Just for a little while she's floating through the sky
What's she gonna do when she no longer can fly?
Is she gonna land on her feet or come down to die?
Or is she gonna just break down and cry?

When she comes down it all becomes too clear
She knows that someday sheould face her fears
But she lost touch with reality and over the years
She's forgotten ow it feels to be real
It's early morning quiet is the street
She lays in silence the conld cement beneath her feet
She passed away and today's her 18th birthday
And all she's left me to say is...

She just had her last 10 minute high
Did she comtemplate that it would take away her life?
She proabably knew, but she had no reason to fight
If only she had known wrong from right
If only she add known
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye girl, goodbye, bye

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Compuesta por: Amel Larrieux / Bryce Wilson / Kevin Deane. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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