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I hope u know what I veen goin' thru baby
I wonder ir ur goin' thru it 2
But I'm afrait what might be true, hey u...
I remember the day
It hit me that I really loved ur way
I thought 4 sure I'd be here 2 stay baby
2 my surprise I'd soon be running away, runing away

Chorus: If I ever see u walkin'
I won't know what 2 say
Or do
So what's the use in talkin'
All that's left 2 say is hey u,
Hey u...

Those times
Were some of the happiest in life
Count the years since I left u behind
Oh stayed with me like Georgia on my mind
Never left my mind
These eyes
Have searched the land form moonfall 'til sunrise
Searchin' 4 just 1 good reason why
Why'd u have 2 go and do me so wrong, yet do me so right


Where it's right or wrong
U share a life
With the one u loved befor u met me
If i cud stop holding on
And wondering why u are gone
Then I wud be free
I wud be free


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Written by: Amel Larrieux / Bryce Wilson / D. Brown. Isn't this right? Let us know.