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Say Baby


I've been looking for freedom,
I've been looking for fun,
I've been looking for one day in my life,
where I ain't on the run.
I've been looking for one day to groove,
I never like to let things lose,
come on everybody wanna join my party,
I found the one I had to chose: My Baby.

Say Baby do you really like my eyes,
say Baby do you really like my style...

I got to fly rely on my friends and I
go and fow to the H-Blockx show,
slam and dance what you can't comprehend,
the H-Blockx show is what you should attend.
Me on the party to be from the party I flee
I'd never go without my girl,
listen let me tell you see,
freestyling is for me and my baby.


I don't know it's your eyes or so it's your styly show,
that makes me come on baby show ya:
I truly love my baby...
Yeah, yeah.
Get off look at me, tell me precisely what you see,
me I'm cool I'm the funky fool,
cause I got self control, pride and my baby.


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