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Is That All You Want?

Heavens Edge

Time for you ain't time for me
I can't understand you won't let me be
Love 'em, leave 'em, you won't let go
Could this be you that's startin' to show
Show me yours and I'll show you mine
Sign your name on the dotted line
Give me one more hour to see this through
There's no tellin' what I'm gonna do to you

Maybe it's time for you to set me free
Is that all you want me

Flyin' high can't seem to stop
Baby you take me right to the top
You're wantin' to feel me down deep inside
I've got nowhere to run to hide
Lay me down and wear me out
I think it's time for me to scream and shout
As long as I've got a face that's it
You know you've got a place to sit


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