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Skin To Skin

Heavens Edge

You say you've got such a will to live
Why don't you come and live with me
You said you could find better things to do
Let me show you what I've got to give
Cause I'm no
(I'm no)
Bad habit
(Bad habit)
Just show me your vices and go
Reach out and grab it
Pretend that it's someone you know
If I say right now that I did it for love
You know that I did it for me
If you wanna start messin' with the push and shove
You know you won't get it for free

Let's go skin to skin
We'll talk about the mood we're in
Skin to skin
Kick it, kick it out
skin to skin
It's time to start givin' in
Skin to skin
Kick it, kick it out

Well you're a one shot, red hot, pretty little seventeen
You really knock me out, cause you're a hot rock
A number in my book of dreams
What I want
(I want)
You got
(You got it)
Baby won't you put on a show
Just fire my rocket
You know that I'm about to explode
Just give me one stop love
And then give me some more
You won't have to put out the lights
One stop love and then walk out the door
Tell me that it don't feel right


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