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Find Another Way

Heavens Edge

I felt so lost 'til I found you
That's something that I should have told you
And now that I've lost you
These nights go on forever without you here
You always felt so surrounded
I was the fool who lost I took you for granted
And now that you're gone
I feel that all my dreams have gone away
I only want the chance to find a way

Hold me
Hold me in your arms when you
Tell me
Tell me what went wrong
Help me
Find another way to your heart

A chill hits the air
When the lonely nights through
I always thought that I could live without you
The cold is not the only thing I feel
My god I miss you
I only want to find a way


I know there must be a way
No price is too high to pay
If I could get you on the line
If I could see you one more time
I know I'd take you higher
I'd be there right beside you
There's only a chance
With so little time
But I'll find my way

Find another way
Find another way, yeah
Find another way to your heart


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