Photo of the artist Hellchild

The Scent Of Summer Rain


"take me together, it was your promise with me"
The scent of summer rain flowed from you
Sobbing and rubbing your head with knees
I, who even couldn't touch you, make any move
I am the man of half-face

In the daytime,
Suffering from a hangover, smoking from yesterday
I spit to myself, smoking a ciggarette
To myself smelling like scum

Ashamed of myself under the blue sky
No lie lies in what the sky is blue

I found it crucial
To protect, then lose a person
I found myself too mean and small
You, who have never showed your tears,
Are now crying and weeping in the dark corridor
I, who can make no move beside you
Can but have a scent of summer rain
Flowing from you

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