Another Daybreak Gone


Another daybreak we lost
Another sunrise gone
In the violent ring of a clock
A day we hated from scratch
Labour speed with no pay
No "thank you" in the years of slavery
Days lost, crashlandings
Of dreams and expectations

We scratched the rust
Like we did to our wounds
To see beneath the time lost

"Strength once our own"
We passed our hopes to the next to come.

Who dared stare up at the light?
Who defied the god of rotors?
Who disturbed the movement of the levers?
Who guides the sheep with no eyes?

Millions of heartbeats
Yearn the same dream
But none listens to another
None looks at the other

Eyes afraid of souls afraid of death

Souls live forever
But nobody remembers anymore

Who does remember that the fire will burn?
That the rain will flood and drown?
That the sun will shine tomorrow too
Whether we can see or not?

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