Constructing Stature


Thousands of slaves
Steadily build the pyramid
Get born inside die inside
Fight for the pyramid

Servants dominated
Dominators served
With a limit of expendability
Level of responsibility

Look high up
The top seems to end up nowhere
Yet it will eventually reach an end
Built to withstand the wrecks of time

Parents teach the pyramid
Perception of reality
Protection of descendants
Nothing else in truth

In the truth and the dreams
Of those who choose their way
Despise "that's the way things are"
Create from nothing

A gaze in the horizon is rejected
Attain a good position in the construction
Prepare yourself early guided
Define your functions

You cannot not belong
To the enormous babelic construction
How will you survive?
How will you protect yourself?

Yet what an irony
...So much blood and so much work
For the last establishment
Of a dead king

The success promised by the creators of nothing
Is a flashy grave for the dominator servants
(Dominators served)

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