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All The Way

Hoodoo Gurus

Hey, Hey, Hey - Take me all the way.
Maybe I've been leading you nowhere,
We won't know unto we arrive,
Either way we're certain of one thing.
We know we're alive.
Maybe I'm the wrong person for you,
(Wonder if I'll ever be right)
You won't wish for anyone better
Not after tonight.

Life could never teach me its lessons
(I knew the words but I couldn't spell)
Now you've taught me forwards and backwards,
I'm learning too well.
Do we care if anyone sees us-
We won't be the first or the last!
Make love wherever we please,
The sign says "keep off the grass"
So we sleep on the grass.

May be unkind
But baby, unwind.
You're too tight-
You can lose your grip tonight.

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