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A Few Home Truths

Hoodoo Gurus

Easy come and easy go are easy words to say
But when I think of you and me
It's hard to feel that way
Though you've gone
You still think you're welcome here.
I've moved on.
You are not my puppeteer, my dear.

If my doorbell rings
You'll learn a few unpleasant things
And you can't pull my strings for sympathy:
A few home truths is all you'll get from me.

I've heard tell the one your with now drives you up the wall
You made your choice so live with that,
We're grown-ups, after all.
And you can't have your cake and eat it too.
Made your bed, so you know what you can do?
You do, don't you?

So don't lean on me,
I'll disappoint you constantly
It's best we if agree to disagree.
A few homes truths is all you'll get from me.

Though you've gone you expect a welcome here
I've moved on, you can't play the puppeteer, my dear.

Once upon a time we met when I was still naive,
We became a fairytale I wanted to believe,
What I took for magic
Were some cheap tricks up your sleeve.
But the ball always ends when it strikes twelve
And the cold light of day broke every spell, oh well.

Your black magic fails and your routine is growing stale
So take your fairytales to someone new.
Make these home truths my parting gift to you.

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