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Baby Can Dance (Pts. II-IV)

Hoodoo Gurus

Baby can dance, ooh she's a good girl
Baby tries hard, I love the way she moves
Baby can move, I never guessed
That one day she'd steal my heart away
Her hips slide so wild.

Look at her now, she's almost impossible
Can't turn away, my soul is hers to take
My soul is hers, I live in hope and fear
Where do we go from here ?
She sure can dance...
She won't have to ask me twice.

I'm without her
I think about her every day and night
I can dream
And almost believe that everything's alright.
Baby don't care, she's got me beside myself
She does it so well,
She's all I'm thinking of
Look at her now, but why should I pretend ?
Man, she's the living end...l can't turn away...
Baby can dance.

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Written by: Brad Shepherd / David Faulkner / Mark Kingsmill. Isn't this right? Let us know.