Make something happen.
If you don't, I will.
We might lose a lifetime looking for a thrill.
Night is the jungle
A forbidden place -
In the neon forest people vanish
Without trace.

Stay tight together

Greased-up and ready,
A well-oiled machine:
You're my motorcycle I'm your gasoline.
Spark my ignition,
You hold the key.
Won't you kick yourself in gear and
Ride away with me?
And I fell
Like hell for leather.
Can't you
Tell it's forever

Trapped in the city,
You learn to save your skin
(There) ain't no human zoo could ever cage us in.
Night is the jungle
But don't you lose your way,
There's hungry creatures out there looking
For some blood to claim.
And I fell
Like hell for leather
You can tell that it's forever.
Won't you ride away with me
Hell for leather.

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