Never Missin' A Beat

House Of Pain

[ VERSE 1: Everlast ]Listen up, learn, you'll get your
turnI'm sendin this out to all it may concernThe party
master Everlast is hereBefore we begin I'm gonna make this
clearI take no short cuts, Bilal adds dope cutsIf girls
were around I'd grab and grope buttsAnd if she got a man
and he tries to step upIt's ashes to ashes and dust gets
swept upTryin to step to me, boy, you must be sickGot a
nine in my pocket, takin heads out quickI make my music
loud, my parents proudThere's not an artist alive drawing a
better crowdThan the Everlasting operator droppin a
grooveTo make you get up and dance while I bust this
moveAnd talk about myself, I don't need a partnerBilal has
the cuts, then I'll help start theShow, let a lyric flow
and you'll knowI make you jump up out your seats, scream
and say "ho!"You fall back down completely exhaustedOnce
you had the sound, but now it seems you lost itYou're worn
out, you can't take no moreSince Everlast and Bilal took
control of the floorSo jump out your seat, move your feet
cause the beat's completeI'm never missin a beat(Never
missin a beat) --> George Clinton[ VERSE 2: Everlast ]
There's no need for askin, I'm the EverlastinMy mind is a
poll and I'm gonna cast inThe ocean of words and pull out a
new rhymeAnd if it feels good, then I'll do it two timesOr
maybe three, four, or even five timesWhen I'm done Bilal
cuts up my rhymeHe's my partner, not a stand-inOn
a 'highway to heaven' just like Mike LandonAnd when it
comes to battles my boy's a sure winHe's been in more
scandals than J.R. EwingBusted up more parties than five-
oWhen it comes to a fight my boy's good to goSo step on
stage, we duke it out like menI beat you down with every
word that flows out my penAnd I was the Green Hornet
Bilal'd be KatoRight by my side kickin up dustAnd if a
sucker acts stupid, grab my gat and bustYou can't run away
cause my clip holds ten rhymesIf you been beaten once, I'll
beat you ten timesWorse than you ever been beaten beforeI
don't drop my mic unless my throat gets soreAnd that don't
happen because when I'm rappinMy rhymes'd beat Gregory
Hines if they was tappinSo jump our your seat, move your
feet cause the beat's completeI'm never missin a beat(Ain't
it funky)[ VERSE 3: Everlast ]Lyrical and linguistic,
somewhat artisticSome call me a devil, others call me
mystic-al like a crystal ballAnd if you step to me you'll
take a fallJust like the Roman EmpireFeel the wrath of a
devil's hellfireCallin me a devil, some think it's a dissTo
me it's just a name, it's not stones and sticksYou can't
hurt me, I got a positive outlookReadin my good bookOr
maybe some philosophy like Socrates and PlatoStep to me
with drugs, I just say noBut I'll drink some lemonade if
it's ( ? )I'm down with DLC and the StylerThe D-i-v-
Einstein of rhymeIs down with me cause he knows that I'mOn
my way I will not strayFrom the path of knowledge that'll
earn my payI think for myself, I take adviceAnd if I did it
wrong once, then I do it twiceI check my steps, make sure
they're correctAnd that's why me and DLC get respectSo jump
our your seat, move your feet cause the beat's completeI'm
never missin a beat

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Written by: Bilal Bashir / Erik Schrody / G. Clinton, Jr. / Larry Troutman / Roger Troutman. Isn't this right? Let us know.