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Old Men Die


Got my motorcycle
Got my pretty girl
Got my guitar full of chords
That's all I need in this world
Wisdom in a face
Left to a stranger's fate
Something I could've had
To make me glad
Now it's far too late

Old men die
Old men die
Old men die
Hey all old men die

I was only eighteen
Grandpa was eighty two
Wanted to take me fishing
Wanted to help
To see me through
But I just couldn't relate, man
No, I was far too cool
To take the love from an old man's heart
He always loved me
He always loved me
He died


He spoke to me but I never heard
He could've taught me something 'bout the things he learned
Now everybody's standing around the grave
Talking bout the things in life he gave
Joy and affection
Love and direction
Something to belive in a time of need
How to see the sun on a winter's day
But I lost these things
I only had my way
He's dead


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