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Starla wants to come to me
I think that I will let her for awhile
Just awhile
Starla never refers to me
But if you say my name around her she will smile
You'll see her smile
Starla never brings me down
When I think of her I am not afraid
In any way
Starla when she comes around
Likes to look at me as I look away
And I say

I know it's just a spark
But she touches my heart
And carries me away in her eyes

We have only spoken twice
But in a certain way I am her best friend
Starla dreams of me at night
Staring at the better skies ahead
From her bed
She remembers as a child
She sailed her uncle's boat across the endless sea
She was free
How she felt that day she understood
And when she thinks of that she thinks
Of me


If I slapped you down would you let it end?
If I pushed you back would you break or bend?
And if you saw me cry would you ever tell anyone?


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